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Many radio operators participate in on-air meetings called nets.  From ham radio clubs or groups of friends who want to stay in touch to emergency response and weather spotting teams practicing for emergency communications, on simplex frequencies and repeaters, both planned and spontaneous, there are on-air meetings going on somewhere at almost any time.

Radio Net LoggerWCS Radio Net Logger software is your convenient, free, solution for keeping track of your net operations.  With this software, you can log the frequency details (frequency, tone, offset, notes) as well as net participant information (name, call sign, notes and more).

Net information is displayed on screen in the user-friendly interface and reports can be saved to text files for later reference.  This data can also be exported to extensible markup language (XML) files.  These data files can later be imported back into the software to review the net and participant information or to make changes.  This also makes it easy to share the net info with others who weren’t able to check in to the net.

Didn’t quite catch a net participant’s name?  WCS Radio Net Logger has a convenient call sign lookup feature that will get participant info directly from the FCC license database using the FCC’s application programming interface (API) functions (an active internet connection is required for this feature).

WCS Radio Net Logger is the perfect way for all radio operators to keep track of their on-air meetings.  Whether you’re a net control operator, amateur radio net participant, emergency coordinator or you are just taking notes, this software makes it easy to record information about your nets.  And, best of all, it’s completely free (although, if you really like it and want to help out, there is a PayPal donate button below to contribute).

We created this software for the radio community at large.  If you have questions, comments, ideas for more ham radio software or other feedback on this software, please use the Contact Us function of this website.

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Do you find WCS Radio Net Logger useful?  If this free software is saving you time and effort and helping you keep you radio net notes organized and you would like to help contribute to the project with a donation, you can use the PayPal button below.  With these donations, we can help cover the software development costs and continue to improve this software as well as create new ham radio related projects.