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Walker Consulting Solutions offers broad spectrum technology solutions for small and medium businesses (SMB), organizations, home offices and individuals.  Let us help meet your technology needs.

Research & Documentation Solutions

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Need Network Help? Good Luck!

In 2008, internet search giant, Google, claimed to have found over a trillion (1,000,000,000,000!) unique web page addresses on the net and, as accessibility to the web grows, so does that number.  Don’t worry though, you don’t have to look through all of them to find answers; Google only indexes a couple tens of billions of them.

Whether you want to discover new technologies for in-house use at your company, determine to which foreign countries you can export your products, or simply find out which product performs best for your task at hand, Walker Consulting Solutions has the years of academic and professional research and documentation experience to quickly and efficiently locate and summarize the information you are looking for to make sure your project proceeds smoothly.

Networking Solutions

Network Cable MazeAny organization is only as strong as its weakest link. Don’t let your network be your weak link. In today’s high-tech, connected society network connectivity plays a very important role.  In business, your network can mean landing a contract or meeting a deadline…or not.  Having reliable network connectivity at home means a line to the outside world; communication, news, entertainment and so much more.

Whether you have an SMB and want all of your workstations to be able to communicate quickly and efficiently or you’re a home user who needs a Wi-Fi wireless network configured correctly and securely, WCS can get you connected.  The modern office is a well oiled machine in which all of the different components must communicate properly; routers, modems, network attached storage (NAS), networked printers, voice over IP (VOIP) phones, desktop PCs, laptop computers, and tablets are just some of the many devices that all need to communicate properly in order to function. WCS can help achieve that goal.

Hardware Solutions

PC Load Letter? What does that mean?In today’s fast-paced, high-tech world it’s easy to take some of the gadgets, devices and gizmos around us for granted. Right up until they stop working, that is. Printers and copiers jam and run out of ink or toner, CD and DVD drives stop reading or ejecting, hard drives fail, computers slow down and, sometimes, just plain bite the dust.

We all know that warranties only last so long and the nerd squad and the notebook guy will charge you an arm and a leg to eventually get around to working on it. Thankfully, these problems don’t arise too often so it doesn’t make much sense for small businesses (and certainly not homes or home offices) to hire a full time support team to sit around waiting for something to go wrong.

Let Walker Consulting Solutions be your on-demand support team.  We can help with troubleshooting, upgrades, installations and more.


Get Technology Instruction from WCSWCS can also offer instructional sessions for the use of your software or devices, including office software (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Picture Manager, etc.), operating systems (Microsoft Windows, Linux and others), photo manipulation software Android devices, iPads, Microsoft Surface tablets and much, much more.

General computer lessons are also available upon request to help you learn how to navigate the internet, search effectively, use your PC or device, install or remove software, create, copy, move, open, close and delete files and more.

Subjects for internet lessons may include such topics as finding and signing up for services like email and blogs, using  content management systems (like WordPress and Joomla) and more.

Documentation Solutions

Whether it’s a technical write-up, user’s instruction manual, product description, project summary, action item report, software documentation or just a memo, let Walker Consulting Solutions help with your documentation needs.  WCS can put years of experience to use to help with document generation, review, proofreading and editing or simply provide objective outside input.

Prototyping and Fabrication

Surface Mount ChipPut Walker Consulting Solutions’ electronics fabrication and assembly experience to work for you. WCS can help with small batch production and prototype assembly for electronic printed circuit boards (PCBs), wiring harnesses and cabling systems. Get your prototype boards, one-offs and small lots of boards built and inspected with your own through-hole or surface-mount (SMT) components without costly pick-and-place machine setup fees.

Let us help with the hardware and software aspects of your technology related projects, including Raspberry Pi projects.

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