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WCS HCL screenshotWCS Ham Call Lookup software is your convenient, free, solution for looking up radio amateur call signs.  This software directly queries the FCC database using the FCC’s own application programming interface (API) calls, so you don’t have to rely on a third party database to be updated.

Perfect for that random QSO, net operation or general curiosity, WCS Ham Call Lookup is a lightweight program that allows users to enter call signs (or partial call signs of four or more characters) to search for.  All results are displayed in a drop-down menu to allow users to select the correct result.

Results include information such as full name, call sign, FRN, license expiration date and more.  Also included is a direct link to the full licensee detail page on the FCC website.

WCS Ham Call Lookup is the perfect way for all radio operators to keep track of who they are talking to.  Best of all, it’s completely free (although, if you really like it and want to help out, there is a PayPal donate button below to contribute).

We created this software for the radio community at large. If you have questions, comments, ideas for more ham radio software or other feedback on this software, please use the Contact Us function of this website.


Download WCS Ham Call Lookup

Click here to download the zip file containing the software and user guide
Click here to view the user guide only (PDF)

Do you find WCS Ham Call Lookup useful? If you like this free software and you would like to help contribute to the project with a donation, you can use the PayPal button below. With these donations, we can help cover the software development costs and continue to improve this software as well as create new ham radio related projects.