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WCS Consultant: Donald Walker

Donald Walker

WCS President, Lead Engineer, General Consultant

Donald Walker received his master’s degree in Computer Science in 2007 from the accredited Electrical Engineering and Computer Science school of Ohio University after extensive artificial intelligence (AI) research and project work.  Work mainly focused on the biomedical engineering field as it pertains to using case-based reasoning (CBR) techniques and how they can be applied to a best-practices medical advice system.

Prior to founding Walker Consulting Solutions, Donald’s time in industry included hardware design and fabrication for the motion control and emergency notification industries, custom software design and development for those – and other – industries, website and web application design and development, graphic design and more.  Donald continues to build upon the academic and industrial skill base with continuing education avenues through professional organizations such as the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and training courses offered by the US government and private training outlets.

Donald is available to help you with your web, software, marketing, social media, research and other projects.  Contact us today to get started.