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WCS Consultant: Blair Schneider

Blair Schneider

WCS Consultant for Biomedical Engineering and Consumer Product Integration

With advanced degrees in microbiology and biochemistry as well as extensive experience in consumer product use cases, Blair Schneider is amply qualified to provide guidance on projects within the growing field of biomedical engineering and integration with emerging technologies.

Blair is a published author in her field and has presented her work in numerous venues, including to colleagues in academia and industry.  She has earned bachelor’s degrees in microbiology and biochemistry.  Following her work at a publicly traded company in the biomedical diagnostics industry, Blair has earned her master’s degree in microbiology and is currently a PhD candidate performing research and lab work in the oral and holistic health fields.

Having served in supervisory positions in industry as well as leadership positions of various organizations within relevant fields has given Blair the leadership experience needed to take charge of projects and make sure that requirements are met in a complete and satisfactory manner.

Let Blair help you put a check-mark next to the projects in your “to do” list today.